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    Good morning

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    LINE & GIPHY are inviting you to create the best stickers in the Universe! Win $10,000 and 1 of 20 Cintiqs! See more info here.

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    Currently trying out landscape eyefinity.. not so great for watching films but the FOV, madness for gaming.

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    IG: missivoryyy

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    Beautiful couple Nicole & Malcolm’s outdoor engagement photoshoot.

     read more about them at Munaluchibridal.com

    Photographer Catherine Guidry

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    i want this

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    SPOTLIGHT: Amazing Shadow Art Created From Junk by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

    Mind blown. Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary objects - like rubbish - to make sculptures which really don’t look like anything. The magic happens when they point a light at them and project the shadows onto the walls. 

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