1. rafaplayswithtoys:

    When Spidey goes around creepin’… he gets what’s coming to him

  2. nattygirls:

    Frank Morrison, the extraordinary artist!

  3. essex-alpha:

    Transformer Shelves at Cherry Bomb Toys

  5. kidmo934:

    Preach! I had Pokemon silver first, but ruby was the first Pokemon game I really went hard on. So when I heard the announcement of it being re-made on the 3ds I was happy af! 🙌 #callofduty #pokemon #omegaruby #3ds

  6. shestoocomplex89:

    This is what self hatred does….

    hatred? he had vitiligo

  7. nerd-flirt:


    How I Flirt

    This is the correct way to look delivering any line from this blog.



  8. crockercrocs:




    have you ever seen a chicken strip



    There are two kinds of people in this world.

    (Source: coolator, via southrons)

  9. dudewithabow:

    only 90s kids can reblog this

  10. death-from-within:

    What cartoons showed me about life as a kid!